[b]Have your say [/b] The Government is asking New Zealanders for their views on proposals to stop freshwater health getting worse and to restore waterways to a healthy state in a generation. We have prepared a [url=https://www.mfe.govt.nz/publications/fresh-water/action-healthy-waterways-discussion-document-national-direction-our]discussion document[/url] setting out the proposals, which is available on our website. We recommend you refer to the discussion document when completing your submission.   We have engaged with a wide range of stakeholders to develop the proposals and are keen to hear your views on them.   We have grouped the questions from the discussion document by theme, but if you want to answer a specific question, please note the question number from the discussion document in your submission. You do not need to answer all of the questions. Notes boxes are provided under each question for your comments. Supporting documents may also be attached at the end of the form. Please fill in the form below, then click Continue to review your submission. At any time you may click Save and Exit so that you can return later.

General responses to the proposals
Questions on the proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management and ecosystem-health aspects of the proposed National Environmental Standards for Freshwater
Drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater
Improving farm practices
Interactions between National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, National Environmental Standards for Freshwater and other policies