[b][u]Have your say [/u][/b] The Government is consulting on a proposal to create and new National Policy Statement on Urban Development. We have prepared adiscussion document setting out the policy proposals, sample text for how they might be reflected in a national policy statement, and the rationale behind them. This [url=https://www.mfe.govt.nz/consultations/nps-urbandevelopment][u][b]discussion document[/b][/u][/url] is available on the Ministry for the Environment's website. We recommend you refer to the discussion document when completing your submission. The form below includes 22 main questions, the majority with three or four sub-questions. It is not mandatory to answer any of the questions. Notes boxes are provided under each question for your comments. Supporting documents may also be attached at the end of the form. [b][u] Privacy statement[/u][/b] All or part of any written submission (including names of submitters) may be published on the Ministry for the Environment's website.Unless you clearly specify otherwise by selecting the one of more of the options at the end of this submission form, the Ministry will consider that you have agreed to have your name and your submission posted on its website and your name included in the published summary of submissions. Under the [url=http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1993/0028/latest/DLM296639.html][b][u]Privacy Act 1993[/u][/b][/url], people have access to information held by agencies about them. Any personal information you send to the Ministry with your submission will only be used in relation to matters covered by this document. [b][u]Official Information Act[/u][/b] Contents of submissions may be released to the public, if requested, under the [url=http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1982/0156/latest/DLM64785.html?search=qs_act%40bill%40regulation%40deemedreg_%22the+official+information+act%22+1982_resel_25_h&p=1][b][u]Official Information Act 1982[/u][/b][/url]. If you consider part(s) of your submission should be withheld you can state this at the end of the form. Please fill in the form below, then click Continue to review your submission. At any time you may click Save and Exit so that you can return later.

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Overview of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development (see discussion document, page 15)
Targeting cities that would benefit most (see discussion document, page 18)
Future Development Strategy (FDS) (see discussion document, page 20)
Describing quality urban environments (see discussion document, page 25)
Amenity values in urban environments (see discussion document, page 27)
Enabling opportunities for development (see discussion document, page 28)
Ensuring plan content provides for expected levels of development (see discussion document, page 31)
Providing for intensification (see discussion document, page 33)
Providing for further greenfield development (see discussion document, page 36)
Removing minimum car parking requirements (see discussion document, page 39)
More directive intervention to enable quality urban development (see discussion document, page 41)
Using market information to make decisions (see discussion document, page 45)
Taking into account issues of concern to iwi and hapū (see discussion document, page 48)
Coordinated planning (see discussion document, page 50)
Timing (see discussion document, page 53)
Guidance and implementation support (see discussion document, page 55)
Alignment with other national direction under the RMA (see discussion document, page 57)
Appendix on Policies for Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessments (see discussion document, Appendix 3, page 67)
Unless you select one of the options below, the Ministry will consider that you have agreed to have your submission and your name posted on its website.
Contents of submissions may be released to the public, if requested, under the Official Information Act 1982. Please indicate below if you consider all or part of your submission should be withheld.