We are seeking your views on the Government's proposed amendments needed to ratify the Minamata Convention on Mercury. We have prepared a discussion document that sets out the proposed amendments and this document can be found on the Ministry for the Environment's website: https://www.mfe.govt.nz/consultations/mercury-managing-trade. We recommend you refer to the discussion document when completing your submission. This consultation covers two key steps New Zealand needs totake to ratify the Convention – introducing a permitting system for trade in mercury, and prohibiting the manufacture, import and export of certain products containing mercury. To establish the best approach for ratifying the Convention, we'd like to understand the impact these proposals will have on retailers, users, importers and exporters. Please fill in the form below, then click Continue to review your submission. At any time you may click Save and Exit so that you can return later.

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Regulating the trade in mercury
Proposed ban on the sale and manufacture of certain mercury-containing products
Proposed ban on the import and export of certain mercury-containing products

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